Mortal, or goddess among men?

This post is the beginning. The beginning of a whole new future of the internet and the world as a whole. A future ruled by Kayla Arpin, widely considered to be the coolest kid known to mankind. Recently, Kayla’s biggest fans, Ben Geller the Lionhearted and Sean Beecroft I, replaced Katie Brown, their erstwhile friend, in the Triumvirate of Power with Kayla, sealing her claim to awesomeness.

Besides her having befriended the coolest kids formerly known, Kayla performed most eloquently in what critics are calling the most touching performance since “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”: Seussical Jr. The talented Kayla surpassed all expectations in a stunning performance that blinded half the crowd from overexposure to pure awesomeness.

After this success, we can only expect great things to come from Ms. Kayla Arpin. You can be sure that she will aspire to greatness, and not necessarily only as an adult. Whatever happens, I firmly believe that she should be nominated for U.S. president in 2012. Vote Kayla!

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